27 Nov. 45

hibit USA-42. This table of contents includes such general headings-perhaps I had better read some of the actual headings:

"Part A, 1919--The Year of Transition. Chapter VII: First efforts to circumvent the Versailles Treaty and to limit its effects.

"(a) Demilitarization of the Administration, incorporation of naval offices in Civil Ministries et cetera. (For example: Incorporation of greater sections of the German maritime observation station and the sea-mark system in Helgoland and Kiel, of the Ems-Jade Canal et cetera into the Reich Transport Ministry up to 1934: Noske's proposal of 11. 8. 1919 to incorporate the Naval Construction Department in the Technical High School, Berlin; formation of the Naval Arsenal Kiel.)" --With a reference to a group of documents numbered 75.-- "(b) The saving from destruction of coastal fortifications and guns.

"(1) North Sea (strengthening of fortifications with new batteries and modern guns between the signing and the taking effect of the Versailles Treaty; dealings with the Control Commission--information, drawings, visits of inspection, result of efforts."-referring to the group of documents numbered 85.--

"(2) Baltic (taking over by the Navy of fortresses Pillau and Swinemünde. salvage for the Army of 185 movable guns and mortars there.)"--I may interpolate that when the British offer in evidence the Treaty of Versailles, you will see the detailed limitations which this document indicates an effort to avoid.--

"(3) The beginnings of coastal air defense.

"Part B. 1920-1924--The Organizational New Order. Chapter V: The Navy. Fulfillment and avoidance of the Versailles Treaty. Foreign countries.

"(a) The Interallied Control Commissions.

"(b) Defense measures against the fulfillment of the Versailles Treaty and independent arming behind the back of the Reich Government and the legislative bodies.

"(1) Dispersal of artillery gear and munitions, of hand and automatic weapons.

"(2) Limitation of demolition work in Helgoland.

"(3) Attempt to strengthen personnel of the Navy, from 1923.

"(4) The activities of Captain Lohmann (founding of numerous associations at home and abroad, participations, for-