26 Nov. 45

fear that by cabling, something might leak out. If necessary, he would send a courier.

"The Führer agreed and assured, after all, that he could rest entirely assured of German reticence.

"Matsuoka replied he believed indeed in German reticence, but unfortunately could not say the same for Japan.

"The discussion was terminated after the exchange of some personal parting words.

"Berlin, the 4th of April 1941. (Signed) Schmidt."

This completes the presentation of what I have called the "handful of selected documents," offered not as a detailed treatment of any of these wars of aggression, but merely to prove the deliberate planning, the deliberate premeditation with which each of these aggressions was carried out.

I turn to a more detailed and more or less chronological presentation of the various stages of the aggression.

THE PRESIDENT: The Tribunal will now adjourn until 10 o'clock tomorrow.

[The Tribunal adjourned until 27 November 1945 at 1000 hours.]