26 Nov. 45

effort in the East is limited by the following reservation: That the entire battle and armament area dominated by us must remain sufficiently protected against enemy air attacks and that the attacks on England, and especially the supply for them, must not be permitted to break down.

"Concentration of the main effort of the Navy remains unequivocally against England also during an Eastern campaign.

"If occasion arises I will order the concentration of troops for action against Soviet Russia eight weeks before the intended beginning of operations.

"Preparations requiring more time to start are--if this has not yet been done--to begin presently and are to be completed by 15 May 1941.

"Great caution has to be exercised that the intention of an attack will not be recognized.

"The preparations of the High Command are to be made on the following basis:

"1. General Purpose:

The mass of the Russian Army in western Russia is to be destroyed in daring operations by driving forward deep wedges with tanks, and the retreat of intact battle-ready troops into the wide spaces of Russia is to be prevented.

"In quick pursuit, a line is to be reached from where the Russian Air Force will no longer be able to attack German Reich territory. The first goal of operations is the protection from Asiatic Russia from the general line Volga-Archangel. In case of necessity, the last industrial area in the Urals left to Russia could be eliminated by the Luftwaffe.

"In the course of these operations the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet will quickly erase its bases and will no longer be ready to fight.

"Effective intervention by the Russian Air Force is to be prevented through powerful blows at the beginning of the operations."

Another secret document, captured from the OKW files...

THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Alderman, perhaps that would be a convenient time to adjourn for 10 minutes.

[A recess was taken.]

MR. ALDERMAN: If it pleases the Tribunal, another secret document captured from the OKW files, we think establishes the motive for the attack on the Soviet Union. It also establishes the