26 Nov. 45

last minute some 'Schweinehund' will make a proposal for mediation."--And then the last paragraph of one sentence-- "Göring answers with thanks to the Führer and the assurance that the Armed Forces will do their duty."

I believe I have already offered Exhibit 30, which is a shorter note entitled: "Second Speech of the Führer on 22 August 1939." Reading then from United States Exhibit 30, headed "Second Speech by the Führer on 22 August 1939:

"It may also turn out differently regarding England and France. One cannot predict it with certainty. I figure on a trade barrier, not on blockade, and with severance of relations. Most iron determination on our side. Retreat before nothing. Everybody shall have to make a point of it, that we were determined from the beginning to fight the Western Powers. A struggle for life or death. Germany has won every war as long as she was united. Iron, unflinching attitude of all superiors, greatest confidence, faith in victory, overcoming of the past by getting used to the heaviest strain. A long period of peace would not do us any good. Therefore it is necessary to expect everything. Manly bearing. It is not machines that fight each other, but men. We have the better quality of men. Mental factors are decisive. The opposite camp has weaker people. In 1918 the Nation fell down because the mental prerequisites were not sufficient. Frederick the Great secured final success only through his mental power.

"Destruction of Poland in the foreground. The aim is the elimination of living forces, not the arrival at a certain line. Even if war should break out in the West, the destruction of Poland shall be the primary objective. Quick decision because of the season.

"I shall give a propagandistic cause for starting the war, never mind whether it be plausible or not. The victor shall not be asked, later on, whether we told the truth or not. In starting and making a war, not the Right is what matters, but Victory.

"Have no pity. Brutal attitude. Eighty million people shall get what is their right. Their existence has to be secured. The strongest has the right. Greatest severity.

"Quick decision necessary. Unshakeable faith in the German soldier. A crisis may happen only if the nerves of the leaders give way.

"First aim: Advance to the Vistula and Narew. Our technical superiority will break the nerves of the Poles. Every newly