26 Nov. 45

THE PRESIDENT: How do you show that?

MR. ALDERMAN: You mean on the document?


MR. ALDERMAN: I am afraid the indication "Obersalzberg' came from the first document which I have not offered in evidence I have no doubt that the defendants will admit that Obersalzberg was the place of this speech. The place is not very significant; it is the time.


MR. ALDERMAN [Reading]:

"I have called you together to give you a picture of the political situation, in order that you may have insight into the individual element on which I base my decision to act, and in order to strengthen your confidence. After this, we will discuss military details.

"It was clear to me that a conflict with Poland had to come sooner or later. I had already made this decision in the spring."--I interpolate, I think he is there referring to the May document, which I have already read, L-79.--"But I thought I would first turn against the West in a few years, and only afterwards against the East. But the sequence cannot be fixed. One cannot close one's eyes even before a threatening situation. I wanted to establish an acceptable relationship with Poland, in order to fight first against the West, but this plan, which was agreeable to me, could not be executed, since the essential points have changed.

"It became clear to me that Poland would attack us, in case of a conflict with the West.

"Poland wants access to the sea.

"The further development became obvious after the occupation of the Memel region, and it became clear to me that under the circumstances a conflict with Poland could arise at an inopportune moment.

"I enumerate as reasons for this reflection, first of all, two personal constitutions" --I suppose he means "personalities"; that probably is an inapt translation--"my own personality, and that of Mussolini. Essentially, it depends on me, my existence, because of my political ability."

I interpolate to comment on the tremendous significance of the fact of a war, which engulfed almost the whole world, depending upon one man's personality.

"Furthermore, the fact that probably no one will ever againhave the confidence of the whole German people as I do.