26 Nov. 45

Allies into the scheme (division of spoils) and demoralize 'Grün.'

"Therefore: bridging the time gap between first penetration and employment of the forces to be brought up, by a determined and ruthless thrust by a motorized army (for example via Pilsen, Prague).

"5. If possible, separation of transport movement 'Rot' from 'Grün'."

'Rot' was the code name for their then plan against the West.

"A simultaneous strategic concentration 'Rot' can lead 'Rot' to undesired measures. On the other hand, it must be possible to put 'Fall Rot' (Case Red) into operation at any time.

"C. Propaganda.

"1. Leaflets on the conduct of Germans in Czechoslovakia (Grünland).

"2. Leaflets with threats for intimidation of the Czechs (Grünen)."

This is initialled by Schmundt.

In the reading of this document, the Tribunal doubtless noted particularly Paragraph 3, under the heading "Political Aspect," which reads as follows: "Lightning-swift action as the result of an incident (example: Assassination of German Ambassador as an upshot of an anti-German demonstration)." The document as a whole establishes that the conspirators were planning the creation of an incident to justify to the world their own aggression against Czechoslovakia. It establishes, I submit, that consideration was being given to assassinating the German Ambassador at Prague to create the requisite incident. This is alleged in Paragraph 3 (c) of Section IV (F) of the Indictment, appearing at Page 8 of the printed English text.

As the Indictment was being read, at the opening of the case when this particular allegation was reached, the Defendant Göring shook his head slowly and solemnly in the negative. I can well understand that he would have shaken his head, if he believed the allegation of the Indictments to be untrue. In the course of Mr. Justice Jackson's opening address, when this same matter was referred to, the Defendant Göring again solemnly shook his head On this allegation the Prosecution stands on the evidence just submitted, the denials of the Defendant Göring, notwithstanding.

If the Court please, would this be a convenient time to recess?

THE PRESIDENT: The Tribunal will adjourn now until 2 o'clock

[The Tribunal recessed until 1400 hours]