23 Nov. 45

Economy, of Food, Agriculture, Labor, Forestry, as well as all Reich agencies directly under the Führer, were subordinated to him. He was to be responsible for the financing as well as for the conduct of the war; and he was even authorized to issue ordinances within his sphere of responsibility, even if these deviated from the existing laws.

The rearmament of Germany proceeded at an amazingly rapid pace. By the summer of 1935, the Nazi conspirators were emboldened to make plans for the reoccupation of the Rhineland; and at the tenth meeting of this same working committee of the Council, the question of measures to be taken in connection with the proposed reoccupation of the Rhineland were discussed.

I refer to the document bearing the number EC-405.

At that meeting, held on the 26th day of June 1935, it was said that the Rhineland required special treatment, because of the assurances given by Hitler to the French that no military action was being undertaken in the de-militarized zone. Among the matters requiring special treatment was the preparation of economic mobilization, a task specifically entrusted to the Defendant Schacht, as secret Plenipotentiary for the War Economy.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you reading from this document?

MR. DODD: I am quoting in part from it, Your Honor, and it is upon the document that I base my statements which can be found therein on Pages 4 and 5. I dislike annoying the Court with constant references to these documents, but I thought it would be the best way to proceed so as fully to inform the Court.

THE PRESIDENT: Well if you tell us where it is in the document we can follow it in the document.

MR. DODD: On Page 4, the middle of the page, the fifth paragraph, the first sentence: "The de-militarized zone requires special treatment." And on Page 5, (j), under "the preparations," "Preparation of economic mobilization." On Page 4, the last paragraph just before the setting-out of the (a), (b), (c), and (d), it is said . . .

THE PRESIDENT: I think you ought to read on Page 4, the last paragraph but one: "Since political entanglements . "


"Since political entanglements abroad must be avoided at present under all circumstances. . . only those preparatory measures that are urgently necessary may be carried out. The existence of such preparations, or the intention of them must be kept in strictest secrecy in the zone itself as well as in the rest of the Reich."