23 Nov. 45

USA-1, Major Coogan's affidavit with Colonel Storey's statement;

USA-2, 2903-PS, Nazi Party chart and authenticating papers;

USA-3, 2905-PS, Nazi State chart and authenticating papers;

USA-4, 2836-PS, original statement of Göring's positions;

USA-5, 2829-PS, original statement of Ribbentrop's positions;

USA-6, 2851-PS, original statement of Rosenberg's positions;

USA-7, 2979-PS, original statement of Frank's positions;

USA-8, 2978-PS, original statement of Frick's positions;

USA-9, 2975-PS, original statement of Streicher's positions;

USA-10, 2977-PS, original statement of Funk's positions;

USA-11, 3021-PS, original statement of Schacht's positions;

USA-12, 2887-PS, original statement of Dönitz's positions;

USA-13, 2888-PS, original statement of Raeder's positions;

USA-14, 2973-PS, original statement of Von Schirach's positions;

USA-15, 2974-PS, original statement of Sauckel's positions;

USA-16, 2965-PS, original statement of Jodl's positions;

USA-17, 2910-PS, original statement of Seyss-Inquart's positions;

USA-18, 2980-PS, original statement of Speer's positions;

USA-19, 2972-PS, original statement of Von Neurath's positions;

USA-20, 2976-PS, original statement of Fritzsche's positions.

Document books:

USA-A, Common Objectives, Methods, and Doctrines of Conspiracy;

USA-B, The Acquiring of Totalitarian Control over Germany; Political; First Steps; Control Acquired;

USA-C, Consolidation of Control; (Utilization and Molding of Political Machinery);

USA-F, Purge of Political Opponents; Terrorization;

USA-G, Destruction of Trade Unions and Acquisition of Control over Productive Labor Capacity in Germany;

USA-H, Suppression of the Christian Churches in Germany;

USA-I, Adoption and Publication of the Program for Persecution of the Jews.

May it please the Tribunal, Mr. Justice Jackson called my attention--while we are offering all of these on behalf of the United States, naturally they are for the benefit and on the behalf of all the other nations who are cooperating in this case.

THE PRESIDENT: That is understood.

MAJOR WALLIS: May it please the Court, when we adjourned yesterday afternoon, I was in the process of developing the various means by which these conspirators acquired a totalitarian control of Germany. I wish to continue on that subject this morning, and I will first discuss the reshaping of education and the training of youth; and in accordance with Your Honors' suggestion, I offer