23 Nov. 45

bunal upon that branch of the case; and also that it would be convenient to the Tribunal--if it is convenient to Counsel for the Prosecution--that he should give a short explanation--not a prolonged explanation--of the documents, which he is presenting to the Court, drawing their attention to any passages in the documents, which he particularly wishes to draw attention to.

I will call upon the Chief Prosecutor for the United States to continue his address.

COL. STOREY: May it please the Tribunal, yesterday afternoon it appeared that there was some question about the identification of documents formally offered in evidence yesterday. Therefore, with the Tribunal's permission I should like to offer them by number, formally, so that the Clerk can get them on his record and may be identified, with Your Honors' permission.

The United States--and may I say, Sir, that we offer each one of these exhibits in evidence, requesting that they be received and filed as evidence for the United States of America, with the understanding that Defense Council may later interpose objections. If that is agreeable, Sir, the first is United States Exhibit Number 1, the affidavit of Major William H. Coogan, concerning the capture, processing and authentication of documents, together with Robert G. Storey's accompanying statement:

United States Exhibit Number 2, being 2903-PS, being the Nazi Party chart, together with authentication certificates;

United States Exhibit Number 3, 2905-PS, the Nazi State chart, together with authentication certificates;

United States Exhibit Number 4, 2836-PS, the original statement of Defendant Göring as to positions held;

United States Exhibit Number 5, Document 2829-PS, the same, concerning Defendant Ribbentrop...

THE PRESIDENT: Could not all this be done by the General Secretary... the numbering of these documents?

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir, that is correct. That is agreeable with us, Sir, but the General Secretary raised the question that it was not in the record. We have the complete tabulation describing each document by number, and if it is agreeable with Your Honors, I will offer the description on this page, correctly describing, by exhibit number, each one that was offered in evidence yesterday.

THE PRESIDENT: We will authorize the General Secretary to accept the documents so numbered.

COL. STOREY: Thank you, Sir. The tabulation referred to is set forth in the following words and figures: