22 Nov. 45

At this point I would like to offer to the Court the document book which contains the laws and conditions which I have referred to in this part of my presentation together with the briefs covering this part of it.

Labor unions:

I would like to direct the Tribunal's attention to some case histories in the consolidation of control by the conspirators.

The first case history in the consolidation of the Nazi conspirators' control of Germany is the destruction of the free trade unions and the obtaining of control over the productive labor capacity of the German nation.

The position of organized labor in Germany, at the time of the Nazi seizure of power, the obstacles they afforded to the Nazi plans, the speed with which they were destroyed, the terror and maltreatment ranging from assault to murder of union leaders, were fully outlined in the opening address of the Chief Prosecutor of the United States, and are fully set forth in the document book which I will present to the Court on this phase of the case.

The result achieved by the Nazi conspirators is best expressed in the words of Robert Ley. Ley's confidence in the Nazis' effective control over the productive labor capacity of Germany in peace or in war was declared as early as 1936 to the Nuremberg Party Congress. I refer to Document 2283-PS which is included in the document book which will be presented on this phase of the case. He stated:

"The idea of the factory troops is making good progress in the plants, and I am able to report to you, my Führer, that security and peace in the factories has been guaranteed, not only in normal times, but also in times of the most serious crisis. Disturbances, such as the munitions strikes of the traitor Ebert and confederates, are out of the question. National Socialism has conquered the factories. Factory troops are the National Socialist shock troops within the factory, and their motto is: The Führer is always right."

At this time I would like to offer to the Court the document book containing the documents on this phase of the case, namely, "The destruction of labor unions and the gaining of control of all productive labor in Germany," together with the brief on that subject. At the same time, if it please the Court, I would like to offer the document book concerning the consolidation of control with respect to the utilization and molding of political machinery, which is, in law, a decree which I referred to just prior to my discussion of the destruction of labor unions.