22 Nov. 45

Cabinet issued a law for "Securing the Unity of Party and State." This law was signed by Hitler and the Defendant Frick.

Article 1 provided that the Nazi Party:

". . . is the bearer of the concept of the State and is inseparably the State. It will be a part of the public law. Its organization will be determined by the Führer."

Article 2 provided:

"The Deputy of the Führer and the Chief of Staff of the SA will become members of the Reich Cabinet in order to insure close cooperation of the offices of the Party and SA with public authorities."

Article 3 provided:

"The members of the National Socialist German Workers Party and the SA (including their subordinate organizations) as the leading and driving force of the National Socialist State will bear greater responsibility toward Führer, People, and State."

[A recess was taken.]

COL. STOREY: During the recess defendants' counsel and the Prosecution arrived at an agreement for the furnishing of briefs to the defendants, which I understand to be this:

Copies of the documents offered in evidence in German will be delivered in the Defendants" Information Center, with the understanding that if any Defense Counsel needs to show the German photostatic copy to his client he may do so in the defendants' counsel room adjacent thereto; that the briefs which we are passing to the Tribunal as an aid will likewise be passed to defendants' counsel in English, and that if any of them have trouble in the translation of any portion of the briefs, we have German-speaking officers in the Defendants' Information Center who will assist counsel. I understand that all of these defendants' counsel have so agreed.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Now, Major Wallis.

MAJOR WALLIS: May it please the Court, at the moment of recess I was referring to the law which was passed on 1 December 1933, for securing the unity of Party and State.

Article 6 of that law provided:

"The public authorities have to grant legal and administrative assistance to the offices of the Party and the SA which are entrusted with the execution of the jurisdiction of the Party and SA."

Article 8 provided:

"The Reich Chancellor as Führer of the National Socialistic German Workers Party and, as the supreme commander of