20 Nov. 45

XIX. Charge:

Violation of German assurances given on 30 January 1937, 13 October 1937, 28 April 1939, 26 August 1939 and 6 October 1939, to respect the neutrality and territorial integrity and inviolability of Belgium.

Particulars: In that Germany, without warning, did on or about 10 May 1940, with a military force and in violation of its solemn assurances and declarations, attack, invade, and occupy the sovereign territory of Belgium.

XX. Charge:

Violation of assurances given on 11 March 1938 and 26 September 1938 to Czechoslovakia.

Particulars: In that Germany, on or about 15 March 1939 did, by establishing a Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia under duress and by the threat of force, violate the assurance given on 11 March 1938 to respect the territorial integrity of the Czechoslovak Republic and the assurance given on 26 September 1938 that, if the so-called Sudeten territories were ceded to Germany, no further German territorial claims on Czechoslovakia would be made.

XXI. Charge:

Violation of the Munich Agreement and Annexes of 29 September 1938.


(1) In that Germany, on or about 15 March 1939, did by duress and the threat of military intervention force the Republic of Czechoslovakia to deliver the destiny of the Czech people and country into the hands of the Führer of the German Reich.

(2) In that Germany refused and failed to join in an internationa1 guarantee of the new boundaries of the Czechoslovakian State as provided for in Annex No. 1 to the Munich Agreement.

XXII. Charge:

Violation of the solemn assurances of Germany given on 3 September 1939, 28 April 1939, and 6 October 1939 that they would not violate the independence or sovereignty of the Kingdom of Norway.

Particulars: In that Germany, without warning did, on or about 9 April 1940, with its military and naval forces attack, invade, and commit Other acts of aggression against the Kingdom of Norway.