People and the State" whereby the Reich Cabinet, besides the Reichstag, was empowered to enact new laws.

On 26 May 1933 the Reich Government issued a decree ordering the confiscation of the property of all Communist organizations and on 14 June, the same year, it also confiscated the property of the Social Democrat organizations. On 1 December 1933 the Reich Government issued the law "Ensuring Party and State Unity".

Following through its program of liquidating democratic institutions, in 1934 the Government passed a law of the "Reconstruction of the Reich" whereby democratic elections were abolished for both central and local representative bodies. The Reichstag thereby became an institution without functional meaning. (Transcript, Afternoon Session, 22 November 1945)

By the law of 7 April 1933 and others, all Reich Government employees, including judges, ever noted for any anti-Nazi tendencies or ever having belonged to leftist organizations, as well as all Jews, were to be removed from the Government service and replaced by Nazis. In accordance with the "Basic Positions of the German Law on Government Employees" of 26 January 1937, "the inner harmony of the official and the Nazi Party is a necessary presupposition of his appointment to his post . . . . Government employees must be the executors of the will of the National Socialist State, directed by the NSDAP." (Defense Document Number 28)

On 1 May 1934 there was created the Ministry of Education instructed to train students in the spirit of militarism, of racial hatred, and in terms of reality thoroughly falsified by Nazi ideology (PS-2078).

Free trade unions were abolished, their property confiscated, and the majority of the leaders jailed.

To suppress even a semblance of resistance the Government created the Gestapo and the concentration camps. Without any trial or even a concrete charge hundreds of thousands of persons were arrested and then done away with merely on a suspicion of an anti-Nazi tendency.

There were issued the so-called "Nuremberg Laws" against the Jews. Hess and Frick, both members of the Reich Government, implemented these by additional decrees.

It was the activity of the Reich Cabinet that brought on the war which took millions of human lives and caused inestimable damage in property and in suffering borne by the many Nations.

On 4 February 1938, Hitler organized the Secret Council of Ministers defining its activity as follows: "To aid me by advice on problems of foreign policies I am creating this Secret Council" (Reichsgesetzblatt, 1938, Part I, p. 112, PS-2031). The foreign policy