To the International Military Tribunal:

In pursuance of the assignment by the Tribunal, we, the medical experts of the Soviet Delegation, together with the physicians of the English Delegation and in the presence of one representative of the American Medical Delegation, have examined Rudolf Hess and made a report on our examination of Mr. Hess together with our conclusions and interpretation of the behavior of Mr. Hess.

The statement of the general conclusions has been signed only by the physicians of the Soviet Delegation and by Professor Delay, the medical expert of the French Delegation.


I. Conclusions, and

II. Report on the examination of Mr. Hess.

Doctor of Medicine

/ s / E. SEPP
Honorary Scientist, Regular Member
of the Academy of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine, Chief Therapeutist of
the Commissariat of Health of the U.S.S.R.

17 November 1945

Attachment I. Conclusions

After observation and an examination of Rudolf Hess the undersigned have reached the following conclusions:

1. No essential physical deviations from normality were observed.

2. His mental conditions are of a mixed type. He is an unstable person, which in technical terms is called a psychopathic personality. The data concerning his illness during the period of the last four years submitted by one of us who had him under observation in England, show that he had a delusion of being poisoned and other similar paranoic notions.

Partly as a reaction to the failure of his mission there, the abnormal manifestations increased and led to attempts at suicide.

*On the basis of this report and in view of the oral statement by the defendant during the Proceedings of 30 November 1945, the Court ruled 1 December 1945 that "Defendant Hess is capable of standing his trial at the present time, and the motion of Counsel for the Defense (requesting postponement) is, therefore, denied, and the Trial will proceed."