It was at all times however a Krupp family enterprise. Only a nominal owner himself,Von Bohlen's wife, Bertha Krupp, owned the bulk of the stock. About 1937 their son Alfried Krupp became plant manager and was actively associated in the policy making and executive management thereafter. In 1940 Krupp von Bohlen, getting on in years, became chairman of the board of the concern thus making way for Alfried who became president. In 1943 Alfried became sole owner of the Krupp enterprises by agreement between the family and the Nazi Government, for the purpose of perpetuating this business in Krupp family control. It is evident that the future menace of this concern lies in continuance of the tradition under Alfried now rcported to be an internee of the British Army of the Rhine.

To drop Kurpp von Bohlen fom this case without substitution of Alfried drops the case from the entire Krupp family and defeats any effective judgment against the German armament makers. Whether this would be "in the interests of justice" will appear from the following recital of only the most significant items of evidence now in possession of the United States as to the activities of Krupp von Bohlen in which his son, Alfried, at all times aide as did other associates in the vast armament enterprises, all plotting to bring about the second World War, and to aid in its ruthless and illegal conduct.

After the first World War, the Krupp family and their associates failed to comply with Germany's disarmament agreements but all secretly and knowingly conspired to evade them.

In the March 1940 issue of the Krupp Magazine, the Defendant Krupp stated:

"I wanted and had to maintain Krupp in spite of all opposition,as an armament plant for the later future, even if in camouflaged form. I could only speak in the smallest, most intimate circles, about the real reasons which made me undertake the changeover of the plants for certain lines of production . . . Even the Allied snoop commissioners were duped . . . After the accession to power of Adolf Hitler, I had the satisfaction of reporting to the Fiihrer that Krupp stood ready, after a short warming-up period, to begin rearmament of the German people without any gaps of experience . . ."

Krupp von Bohlen (and Alfried Krupp as well) lent his name, prestige and financial support to bring the Nazi Party, with an avowed program of renewing the war, into power over the German State On 25 April 1931 Von Bohlen acted as chairman of the Association of German Industry to bring it into line with Nazi policies. On 30 May 1933 he wrote to Schacht that:

"It is proposed to initiate a collection in the most far-