Report of the Medical Examination of
Herr Gustav Krupp von Bohlen

1. History:

The following information was obtained by questioning Frau Krupp von Bohlen, wife of the patient, Herr Krupp's valet, and Frl. Krone, private secretary of the patient.

The patient had been physically a very active man. He hunted, rode and played tennis. With the aid of guides, he was hunting deer as recently as 1943. He was abstemious in his personal habits, did not smoke or partake of alcohol. He retired to bed early, rarely remaining up after 2200 hours. He had eight children, six sons and two daughters. There is no family history of mental disorder or of drug addiction.

Previous Illness: There is no history of any major illness. Since 1930, he has taken spa treatment each year for arthritis of the spine and for hypotension. No radiographs were available to indicate the true pathology of the spinal condition. The valet stated that the patient, on the recommendation of his physicians, had been very careful with his diet during the past ten years.

Present Illness: For several years, the patient had been subject to giddy attacks. In consequence, his wife was always anxious when he went hunting, lest he should have an attack whilst on the edge of a cliff, and fall and kill himself. Two reliable guides always accompanied him on his hunting excursions, and in 1942 Frau Krupp also joined in expeditions in order to watch him.

Four years ago, the patient had a disturbance of vision primarily due to dysfunction of the eye muscles. For a period he had double vision. From this illness, he made an apparent complete recovery.

Two years ago he had a stroke, with weakness of the left side of the face, and impaired function of the right side of the body. Following the latter incident, impairment of gait, general weakness, and impairment of mental functions became increasingly apparent. From the middle of 1944 onwards, the patient became more and more dependent upon his wife; she was the only person who seemed to understand fully his speech and his needs.

On November 25th, 1944, he was proceeding from the garden towards the house, and suddenly seemed to run (propulsion gait). Just before reaching the house, he fell and injured his arm. As a result of this accident, he attended the local hospital for treatment, traveling by motor-car. On