Medical Certificates Attached to Motion
on Behalf of Defendant
Gustav Krupp von Bohlen

(Attachment I)

Doctor's Certificate

Dr. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, born 7 August 1870, presently residing at Posthaus Blühbach, Werfen, Salzburg, suffers from progressive arteriosclerotic softening of the brain (Paralysis celebri) and as a consequence of this illness he requires constant care and treatment. He is incapable of standing trial or of being subjected to interrogation. An improvement of his condition is not to be expected. Owing to his bad general physical condition (Myodegeneratio cordis and Ataxis) he is not capable of traveling either.

District Doctor
Werfen, Salzburg
Certified Court Expert

Werfen, 8 September 1945

(Attachment II)

Attachment II is a medical certificate by Dr. Otto Gerke, printed on page 120 ante.