Medical Certificates Attached to
Certificate of Service on Defendant
Gustav Krupp von Bohlen

(Attachment I)

3d Battalion, Medical Section
232d Infantry Regiment

Schloss Blühbach
Bezirk Bischofshofen, Austria
6 October 1945

MEMORANDUM FOR: Capt. Norman A. Stoll, JAGD, Office U.S. Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality

SUBJECT : Condition of Health of Mr. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen

1. Mr. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen was examined by me today, and the following findings are noticed.

2. Subject has suffered from progressive arteriosclerosis and senility since 1939. He suffered an attack of cerebral thrombosis in 1942, which resulted in a temporary facial paralysis. About a year ago he lost bladder and sphincter control.

3. At the present time he is bedridden, has to be fed and to be cared for by nurses. He has no insight into his condition or situation whatsoever and is unable to follow or keep up any conversation.

4. I do not believe that subject can be moved without serious detriment to his health or that interrogation would be of any value due to his loss of speech and complete lack of any understanding. His course will be progressively down-hill.

5. In my judgment subject is not mentally competent to stand trial in a court of justice.

Capt., MC, 232d Infantry