Exhibit V B. Dissemination in the British Zone

PR/ISC Group,
Advance Headquarters,
Control Commission for Germany
(British Element),

The General Secretary,
International Military Tribunal,

I certify that the notice to Martin Bormann that he is charged with having committed Crimes against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity as set forth in an indictment which has been lodged with this Tribunal has been read in full in the German language once a week for four weeks over the radio in the British Zone, the first reading having been during the week of October 22, 1945, and that it has also been published in four separate issues of "Der Berliner", the newspaper published in the British sector of Berlin.

/ s / W. H. A. BISHOP
Major General,
Chief, PR/ISC Group.
Control Commission for Germany (B. E.)

BERLIN, 15 Nov 45

/ s / R.W. H. HORTIN