Exhibit V A. Dissemination in the British Zone

PR/ISC Group,
Advance Headquarters,
Control Commission for Germany
(British Element),

The General Secretary,
International Military Tribunal.

I certify that the notice concerning the trial by the International Military Tribunal of the issue of the criminal character of certain organizations has been published in the German language in the British Zone of occupation in the following newspapers, at least once a week for four weeks:

Circulation for week ending 27 Oct 45.
Neue Westfälische Zeitung 1,000,000
Neue Rheinische Zeitung 520,000
Kölnischer Kurier 370,000
Ruhr Zeitung 500,000
Aachener Nachrichten 110,000
Neue Hamburger Presse 402,500
Lübecker Post 156,000
Kieler Kurier 210,000
Hamburger Nachrichtenblatt 108,100
Lübecker Nachrichtenblatt 47,600
Kieler Nachrichtenblatt 17,500
Flensburger Nachrichtenblatt 12,500
Neuer Hannoverscher Kurier 433,000
Nordwest Nachrichten 301,000
Hannoversches Nachrichtenblatt 22,500
Neues Oldenburger Tageblatt 40,100
Lüneburger Post 178,900
Braunschweiger Neue Presse 150,500
Der Berliner 300,000

It has also been broadcast over the transmitters at Hamburg and Cologne (Langenberg).

I certify that it has thereby received the widest possible dissemination throughout the British Zone

/ s / W. H. A. BISHOP
Chief, PR/ISC Group,
Control Commission for Germany (BE).

BERLIN, 15 Nov 45.