As to the British Zone, I have ascertained by enquiries from the said Public Relations Branch of the Control Commission for Germany (British Element) that the two notices have been widely distributed and publicised through the channels most appropriate for the purpose as stated in paragraph 4 of this my declaration. Furthermore I have similarly ascertained that appropriate action has been taken by British Military Authorities for reading and posting in Prisoner-of-War Camps wherever practicable.

"Exhibit V" attached hereto and marked by me is a certificate as to publication of the two notices in newspapers and on the radio in Berlin and in the British Zone of Occupation.

7. I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and I declare that the information which I give therein has been obtained by me through official sources and from those persons whose duty it is to give such official information.

/ s / R. W. H. Hortin

Declared by the above-named Richard Hurlstone Hortin This 17th day of November 1945 In my presence:

/ s / R.O.Wilberforce Brigadier,
Deputy Chief
Legal Division,
C. C. G. (B. E.).