THAT such groups and organizations are accused by the Chief Prosecutors for the prosecution of major war criminals of being, criminal organizations and this Tribunal has been asked by the Chief Prosecutors to declare said groups and organizations criminal.

THAT if any of such groups and organizations are found by this Tribunal to have been criminal in character members will be subject to trial and punishment on account of their membership in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of this Tribunal and upon any such trial the criminal character of the group or organization shall be considered proved and shall not be questioned.

THAT the issue of the criminal character of these groups and organizations will be tried commencing the 20th day of November 1945 at the Palace' of Justice, Nuremberg, Germany.

THAT any person who acknowledges membership in any of the said groups or organizations may be entitled to apply to the Tribunal for leave to be heard by the Tribunal upon the question of the criminal character of the group or organization. Such application shall be made without delay, in writing, and addressed to the General Secretary, International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany.

THAT in the case of members of any of the said groups or organizations who

(i) may be in the custody of the prosecuting powers, such applications shall be handed to the Commanding Officer of the place where the said members are detained;

(ii) may not be in custody, such applications shall be handed to the nearest military unit.

THAT the Tribunal has power to allow or reject any such application. If the application is allowed, the Tribunal will direct in what manner the applicant shall be represented and heard.

THAT nothing contained in this notice shall be construed to confer immunity of any kind upon such applicants.

For the International Military Tribunal

(no signature)
General Secretary

(b) Manner of Notice


THAT publication in the German language be made throughout the zones of occupation in Germany over the radio, in newspapers and, if practicable, by the form of postings ordinarily employed by the military authorities in conveying information to the civilian population. Such radio and newspaper publications shall be made