What Holocaust Revisionism Is

by Roger, a THHP contributor

This essay is a follow up to a previous article, Why Revisionism Isn't. I have been asked recently why THHP so vehemently opposes denial, and while the answer to me is blindingly obvious, let's look at it in light of recent statements from deniers. My thanks to David Irving, Germar Rudolf, and Mark Weber for making the matter so plain.

The "other day" mentioned in the Why Revisionism Isn't article has come. Holocaust denial is, always has been and always will be an outlet for irrational hate, using base dishonesty at every turn to feed inflated egos in an attempt to finance their lifestyle.

I begin by offering David Irving, late the poster child for denial. Irving, not content with being both the first to claim the Hitler Diaries diaries fake, and the last one to declare them authentic, in a completely failed attempt to distance himself from his previous statements on the Holocaust recently stated:

On Auschwitz I was mistaken. I said that there were no gas chambers, although that was strictly true because I later discovered evidence that they were in fact just outside the camp.

This, from the "historian" who also uncritically accepted a "forensic report" which was incorrect in basically every detail. Yes, the location down to the last centimeter is the key point when trying to deny history.

Or maybe it is chemistry? Germar Rudolf, under his many aliases, has been forced to admit by those who can document greater knowledge of chemistry than he (no matter what he calls himself) that chemistry is not the science which can prove or refute any allegations about the Holocaust 'rigorously'."

This, despite the fact that he lost his one legitimate job by making the opposite claim and doing so in a manner that dishonestly suggested his employer agreed.

Which leads us to Mark Weber (director of the IHR, which describes itself as "a public-interest educational, research and publishing center dedicated to promoting greater public awareness of history") who wrote: " In the real world struggle against Jewish-Zionist power, Holocaust revisionism has proved to be as much a hindrance as a help." (http://www.ihr.org/weber_revisionism_jan09.html)

As such is it opposed by all thinking, caring people.

So, now we have three of what pass for Denial's leading lights doing 180 degree turns and thereby revealing that their motives are not what they have repeatedly stated:

Irving does not care about historical fact, Irving's motivation is the promotion of Irving, personally. Hence the name by which his vanity site is known suggests that he and only he is capable of discerning "real" history while continually trying to play word games such as his phrase "the nice people next door" -- who are whom, exactly, David?

Germar Rudolf apparently has a similarly congenital aversion to truth, having, after all, lied to every country he has attempted to live in as a resident, every employer he has ever had - even to his own godmother and yet *still* manages to brand the author of his every misfortune (okay, authors, among them Jörg Berger; Ernst Gauss; Manfred Köhler; Christian Konrad; Werner Kretschmer; Anton Mägerle; Rudolph Markert; Wolfgang Pfitzner; Ronald Reeves; Angela Schneider; Gerd Steiger; and Rudi Zornig), all of which this steely-nerved seeker after truth has used to disguise who they are all: you guessed it -- Mr. Sheerer né Rudolf himself) all as Jews.

And Weber's primary goal these days looks for all the world like distancing himself from those nasty Jew-hating deniers, so that he can concentrate more on the garden variety Jew hating he now champions.

And so we have the motivation for holocaust denial: making money off less clever haters than one's self. As long as the money is to be had from other haters, and other haters are willing to let anyone but themselves take the blame for an inability to keep a roof overhead and food on the table, Holocaust denial will exist.

This is the genesis of THHP - in contrast a non-profit organization following all laws in all countries in which we have a presence, written and maintained exclusively by volunteers who are, other than by association with the Project, by and large not among Irving's self-styled "Traditional Enemies of Free Speech". We want them out there making fools of themselves and others: it makes our task much easier.

Won't you join us?