"Special treatment" (Sonderbehandlung)

1. Holocaust deniers like to claim that "special treatment" did not mean "to kill", but actually meant something much more benign. They also claim that anyone who admitted that "special treatment" did mean "to kill" must have been tortured by the Allies.

2. However, these quick facts - the words of the Nazis themselves - show that "special treatment" clearly did mean "to kill". These statements were all made by the Nazis long before they were ever questioned by the Allies.

3. All quotes from Eugen Kogon, Hermann Langbein, et al, Nationalsozialistische Massentötungen durch Giftgas, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1995.

The complete text of the Korherr Report in German and English can be found beginning at http://www.mazal.org/Klarsfeld/Mythomania/T165.htm

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