The Holocaust History Project provides a number of "Who is" pamphlets on one aspect of Holocaust-denial, with, we hope, more work on more topics to follow. These pamphlets quote the exact words used by Holocaust deniers to promote their ideas. Permission is granted to any party to reproduce in print, in any quantity, on the condition that:

These pamphlets are:

Who is David Irving? by Jamie McCarthy.

This pamphlet was written in 1998, and was singled out for attack by David Irving himself.

Who is David Irving? by Sara Salzman.

This updated version of Mr. McCarthy's original pamphlet addresses some of the new issues, including the recent Irving vs. Lipstadt trial.

Who is Ernst Zundel? by Sara Salzman and Yale Edeiken.

This pamphlet explains some of the issues regarding Mr. Zundels's current situation, and why he spent time in a Canadian prison.