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                        Medical Killing and the
                            Psychology of Genocide ©
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The Auschwitz Self: Psychological Themes 
certain circumstances as a theorist of limited nuclear war. It is precisely his humane commitment to democracy and family life (his prior self) that enables him to claim similar humanity for his nuclear-weapons self despite its contribution to devices that could slaughter millions of people. He can do what he does because his doubling is part of a functional psychological equilibrium.72

In light of the recent record of professionals engaged in mass killing, can this be the century of doubling? Or, given the ever greater potential for professionalization of genocide, will that distinction belong to the twenty-first century? Or, may one ask a little more softly, can we interrupt the process — first, by naming it?  
Medical Killing and the
Psychology of Genocide

Robert J. Lifton
ISBN 0-465-09094
© 1986
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