The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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And here is a letter the contents of which are very eloquent: (2, p.336; 49, p. 145).

SS-Ustuf (F) Kirschneck B.V.3
Copy January 29, 1943
Bftgb. No: 2250/43/BI/L
Objet: Crematorium II, Condition of the Building
Reference: Telegram of SS WVHA, No: 2648 of 1-28-43
Enclosure: 1 report of extermination
To the Chief of the Amtsgruppe C, SS Brigadeführer and Major General of
the Waffen SS Dr. Engineer KAMMLER
Berlin-Liechterfelde-West. Unter dem Eichen 126 135.

Crematorium II has, with the exception of a few details of construction, been completed thanks to the use of all available people, despite immense difficulties and freezing weather, by day and night shifts. The ovens were lighted in the presence of the chief engineer, M. Prüfer of the firm Topf u. Söhne, Erfurt, which was in charge of their construction; and they function perfectly. One has not yet been able to plaster the concrete ceiling of the body cellar (Leichenkeller) because of the action of the frost. That is, however, without importance given that the gassing cellar (Vergasungskeller) can be used for this purpose.
Because of the unavailability of railway carriages, the company of Topf u. Söhne was not able to deliver on time the ventilating apparatus ordered by the central management for buildings. After the arrival of this equipment, the incorporation of it will be begun at once so that one may foresee that it' will be completely in service by 2-20-43.
Enclosed is a report of the engineer inspector of the firm Topf u. Söhne.

The Chief of the Group for Constructions of the Waffen SS and of the
 Police at Auschwitz
1 SS-Ustuf Janish v. Kirschneck
1 File (Crematorium dossier) Certified copy Pousth (?) SS-Ustuf (F.)

It is thus grotesque to claim, like the "witness," Christophersen, that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. And it is his "testimony" that is henceforth considered as decisive by the neo-Nazi literature.

It is true that the correspondance [sic] between the industrialists speaks of gas chambers in view of "disinfection," and the letter of the Chief of the Group for Constructions at Auschwitz does not stipulate the destination of these gas chambers where, however, the "Krematorium" is situated in the vicinity of a "Leichenkeller" and a "Vergasungskeller." This is not at all surprising, for it is a question of a hermetically sealed State Secret where euphemisms are obligatory in the entire Nazi administration. The accused industrialists claimed that for them it was the "disinfection" which was in question. The Tribunal did not agree with their version of the matter. But what is important to us is that Christophersen does not say that at Birkenau he saw gas chambers destined for disinfection. He says that he did not discover any gas chambers at all.

This permits an evaluation of his account, of his intelligence, the faithfulness of his memory ofter [sic] twenty eight years or... his dishonesty.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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