The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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in his remarks at table. He let his imagination wander and chose his expressions by chance. In fact, he spoke of a "National Jewish State". But the propaganda of the Party, directed by Alfred Rosenberg and by such units as the "World Section" (center of Nazi propaganda abroad), totally rejected the idea of a Jewish State and admitted only a Jewish reserve. Let us underscore once again that in evoking Siberia (territory to which the Reich, extending to the Urals, intended to push Russia), Africa, Madagascar, Hitler did not in his fantasy exclude the mention of the "final solution" in progress. He informed his guest of it by declaring that the Jews risked death and that in his action against them, they were deported "far to the East" where one made them disappear, as for example from Lithuania.

4. The Orders of Hitler to Himmler

High-ranking personalities of the Hitlerian regime have provided us with indications of the confused manner in which what were afterwards called Orders of the Fuhrer were formed. We may add to this tableau still another nuance concerning the anti-Jewish action. It is found in a memorandum from Goering on December 28,1938, to the Ministers of the Reich (CXXXIX-28) The text contains a little used but expressive term as to the role of Hitler's will in the taking of anti-Jewish measures. Goering, in charge of the Jewish question as of July 1938, formulated a series of special restrictive measures for the Jews. He ended his letter by declaring (87):
"I went to get the opinion of the will of the Führer (Willensmeinung) on these matters so that henceforth they alone would be exclusively valid as directives."
Thus, in the Jewish question one asked the Führer the "opinion of his will." This opinion placed a measure under the sign of the Order of the Führer.

How did Himmler receive the Orders of the Führer? We may cite the account of Schellenberg, Chief of the Department of "Foreign Intelligence" in the RSHA. He wrote about Himmler coming back from his audiences with Hitler (88):
"To certain whom he considered worthy of such an honour, he then commented on the sacred words (sakrale Worte) that he had just gathered with devotion in the monologues of his Führer going on for hours. One of the rare persons to whom he spoke of them was Reinhard Heydrich, who quickly rid these messages of all fantasy and transformed them into the sober practice of the secret services."
One can imagine Hitler pouring out reasonings and Himmler gathering from them what struck him and transforming it, in his conscience, into an Order of the Führer which, transmitted to Heydrich, became a definitive decision, unless Heydrich did the same thing directly with Hitler.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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