The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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" ... Take all measures for the preparation of an intensified Jewish emigration: among others, create an appropriate Jewish organization to assure the uniform preparation of requests to emigrate..." (58)
We know with what care the II-112 inspected and developed its contacts with Jewish institutions, work which Eichmann prolonged in Austria by reanimating the activity of the Jewish community in Vienna, which collaborated with the Zentralstelle to organize the emigration in Germany, the institution of this nature was to be the "Reichsvereinigung der deutschen Juden" of which the creation was decided (on the basis of a decree of Goering) in July 1939. But the Reichsvereinigung was to be obliged to participate in administrative work, not for the emigration but for the deportation of the Jews. Alder, a knowledgeable historian of the deportation of the German Jews, and who himself lived during this period in the Reich, pronounced in his work on the deportation the following judgment:
"The connection between the SD and the Reichsvereinigung... worked remarkably in anticipation, at the development of the process of deportation without snags." (59)
The same thing took place in most of the occupied territories. The Gestapo owed to the SD this fruitful doctrine of the utilization of Jewish organizations. But it was the Gestapo which applied the method elaborated by the SD.

The internment of 30,000 Jews during the "Crystal Night" (Heydrich stipulated in his order (PS-3051) that it was necessary to arrest wealthy Jews in particular), was also an operation of the Gestapo to incite this mass to hasten its emigration. These internees were quickly liberated on condition that they prove their willingness to emigrate. However, the SD collaborated in the action, as Hagen stated in his semestrial report for July-December 1938. It nevertheless remains that the essential part of the operation no longer belonged to the SD.

Hagen wrote in the semestrial report for July to December 1938 (CDXXXVII-25) (the report dates from March 1, 1939, thus after Goering's decree):
"At the time of the preparation of the Reichszentralstelle für judische Auswanderung und der Reichsvereinigung der Juden Deutschlands, the SD at first led the talks. The situation changed only after the Reichszentrale for judische Auswanderung was subordinated to the Security Police." (60)
This by itself indicates that the essential work of the II-112, that with the Jewish organizations, had passed in 1939 into the hands of the II-B4 Of the Gestapo (section directed by Lischka). A note of Hagen (CCXXXIV-18) of May 25, 1939, on the reception of two regional chiefs of the SD to whom Hagen, aided by Dannecker, explained the new situation, emphasized that because of "the giving of the direction of the Reichszentrale für Judische Auswanderung to an official of the Gestapo", the SD had not to take the initiative for the creation of new Centers for emigration and that all questions of assistance to the Jews Were to be settled with the consent of the offices of the Gestapo.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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