The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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We have taken the initiative not only for the conception of this book, its edition and publication, but also for its distribution. Our objective is to provide people of good faith with the precise facts which incontestably refute the lies of the Neo-Nazi propaganda relevant to the Holocaust.

Those propagandists who seek to rehabilitate Nazism are perfectly aware that what marks it indelibly is the infamous genocide of the Jewish people. They take advantage of the credibility of the public and the more or less unconscious desire of the latter that this nightmarish mass murder had never take place. That is why the Neo-Nazis have during recent years launched an offensive which has had a certain success. Their principal themes are the following: that Hitler was not responsible for the "final solution", that the gas chambers as a mean of exterminating the Jews never existed, that the number of Jewish victims has been very considerably exaggerated.

This propaganda is internationally co-ordinated, and the most virulent of these Neo-Nazi publications appear in the major languages. In the following pages, we shall give striking examples of this propaganda which seeks to weaken the cause of the Jews in general as well as that of Israel.

At our own risk, we have been leading the combat throughout the world and on the spot to challenge the impunity of the Nazi criminals and the development of Neo-Nazism. We have also decided to make publicly known the unequivocal refutations of this propaganda and to bridge certain obvious gaps regarding the history of the Holocaust. In addition our publications are distributed free of charges to research centers on the Holocaust and to sources of information every-where: major university and public libraries, the mass media.

We may cite as an example our "Memorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France", in which we reproduced official Nazi data (last names, first names, places and dates of birth, nationalities) concerning the 80,000 Jews who were victims of the "final solution" in France, as well as the description of each convoy. This work has put an end to the propagande [sic] which claimed that the Jews in France have been spared.

As for the collections of documents that we have published and our documentary files, their importance as aids to research is evident. They have also just permitted the indictment in Cologne of the former SS Chiefs, Kurst Lischka and Herbert Hagen, who before operating in France were in Berlin respectively Chief of the Anti-Jewish Service of the Gestapo and Chief of the Anti-Jewish Service of the SD.

"The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania" is based on irrefutable German documents. Of particular interest is the report drawn up for Himmler by the Inspector of Statistics of the SS, Richard Korherr. The latted added up with great precision the Jewish losses (as of December 31, 1942 and as of March 31, 1943). An appendix contains the totality of the reports in German accompanied by an English translation. They are publicly printed for the first time in an unabridged version. Moreover, we have succeeded in locating the infinitely valuable Korherr himself in Lower Saxony, where we were able to speak with him and take his photograph. The Neo-Nazis will therefore be unable to claim that Korherr

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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