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salvation can be attained only with the forces of the Axis; they stand ready to deliver you from the Jewish pestilence." (Shortly thereafter Schirmer went on leave for "reasons of health.")

Some days later, on February 17, I am in Strasbourg to witness the vote in the European Parliament – unanimous except for the German CSU of the extreme right – on a resolution condemning all amnesty for the war criminals and demanding their punishment. It is through such processes that the political morality common to the countries of Western Europe is expressed. Achenbach has always proposed general amnesty. Through our action, and that of all our friends, such an amnesty has not only been denied but also solemnly condemned. Achenbach, having already been forced to resign his post as president of the European Parliament's Commission for Development and Cooperation, has not shown himself in Strasbourg. Serge, Julien Aubart, Francis Lenchener, and I have been distributing to each member of the Parliament a copy of our study on him.

On February 21, the other German House, the Bundesrat, votes unanimously for ratification of the agreement. The Christian Democrats, who are in the majority there, realize that a negative vote risks deterioration of Franco-German relations anew. In consequence they are obliged to take the position contrary to the one they adopted three weeks earlier in the Bundestag. This time ratification is wholly won.

An enormous weariness weighs upon me ... all that work, all those financial problems. But I look at my little family, so close-knit, and confidence springs up again – and courage, too.

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