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crimes in France. Serge was given this list by the French Military Court.

This press conference is critical, as I have been informed that on Wednesday the last step will be taken in committee that could bring ratification of the French-German agreement before the Bundestag. This is the Committee of Foreign Affairs of which Achenbach is a member. I know that the Christian Democrats on the committee plan to vote against ratification on a legal technicality. Achenbach will also vote against. If he can persuade two members of the Social-Liberal coalition to go along with him, the committee can table the accord for a long, long time. I must therefore attack Achenbach, isolate him by exposing his opposition as based on self-protection, and thus demonstrate the real need to bring to trial the perpetrators of the final solution by revealing to the press and to the deputies glaring evidence of Lischka's guilt. The young liberal faction of Achenbach's party is at my side during the press conference, and will insist on Achenbach's resignation from the Bundestag.

On Wednesday the agreement clears the hurdle of the committee; as I had foreseen, the CDU and Achenbach voted no, but Achenbach had not succeeded in making a single convert among the FDP and SPD.

Tuesday I went to Frankfurt and told the press corps I was leaving at 3:30 for Cairo, with the intention of transmitting the following message to the National Assembly of Egypt:
I have come to Cairo first of all to ask the Egyptian parliamentarians to remove Ernst Achenbach, the Liberal German deputy, from the Parliamentary Association for European-Arab Cooperation.

This Association was created in Paris on March 23, 1974, by thirty-five of the several thousand parliamentarians of Western Europe. Ernst Achenbach was one of the thirty-five, one of the four Germans M.P.s who were then in Paris.

Today I have brought to Cairo the thorough study done by Professor Joseph Billig of the role of Achenbach in the Final Solution of the Jewish question in France from 1940 to 1943. During that time, Achenbach, head of the political section of Hitler's embassy, cooperated actively with the Gestapo to annihilate the Jews of France, of whom 100,000 were killed in the death camps.

The presence of Achenbach – an accomplice in the genocide of which the Jewish people were victims – is inadmissible within a body representing European-Arab cooperation. If he is not removed as soon as
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