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(now 27,000 square kilometers of the 111,000 square kilometers of the 1917 Palestine) and for a Palestinian state.

Your problems, those of Egypt, of Syria, of Iraq, of the Maghreb, are problems of development and social progress. The huge amount of money belonging to the least populated Arab countries should be used to help you solve these problems, instead of financing war against Israel, scapegoat of the real problems of the Arab masses.

Everyone knows that Eastern Prussia is not Russian, but there is not a single German Democrat who would defend a policy of revenge. These lost territories are the price of an unfair and devastating war that was started and brought into the east by Germany. And the Federal Republic of West Germany has integrated nine million refugees, the German Democratic Republic three million.

In 1948, the Arab countries also started an unfair war against a state of Israel that had accepted the 1947 partition decided upon by the international community.

You will buy or seduce consciences for more or less time, but you will not make anybody believe that three million Israelis are perpetually the aggressors against one hundred million Arabs.

I have no lesson to suggest to you other than the one of the German experience, which unfortunately has a link with Kiryat Shmoneh and Maalot: do not try to find the final solution for Israel in the way Hitler sought the final solution of the Jewish problem.

This time I do not go alone. Through the press we are aware that the Moroccans have taken extraordinary security measures. A large number of Palestinians suspected of intending to assault Hussein and the King of Morocco have been arrested. I do not envy their situation. As I am carrying 250 copies of my statement at the bottom of a traveling bag filled with food and trifles, this can be discovered when we land in Morocco, and I could be whisked away by the Moroccan police without anyone being apprised of my arrest. Police who are confident they can work on a prisoner without outside interference easily slip into brutality. Our friend Marco, who was a member of the team that went after Lischka in Cologne, volunteers for this assignment. Having lived in Morocco for more than a year, he knows his way around, and is better equipped than any other of our friends to deal with any sensitive situation that might arise. He is aware of the risk he is running, but he is a courageous boy.

Saturday, October 26, 1974. 2 P.M. I kiss the babies good-by. Raissa, my mother-in-law, will supervise the baby-sitter whom I have engaged until, God willing, I return Monday at noon. Marco leaves
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