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Jews too! Children of mixed couples are going to be classed as Jews and sent to the crematories.

Best wishes from an Aryan.

(signed) A. HITLER

P.S. My house is infested with termites, and my country with Semites. France is a whore of a nation!

In a television review Jean Dutourd expressed what I resent about the public figure I have become: "This young Spirit of Purity and Justice, who wants to restore Germany's good name by pursuing every war criminal all over the world, is as terrifying in her own way as Barbie is in his. She is pure-white Good incarnate doing battle with jet-black Evil. She is scarcely a woman. She is an ideal and a principle."

I know that the public figure is much bigger than I. I have some of Barbie's or Kiesinger's blackness in me too, and some of the grayness of those who, through indifference or cowardice, are resigned to letting Nazi criminals go unpunished and seeing the Czechs crushed. There is also the "smudged whiteness" of people who are not resigned to all that and to many other excesses just as shocking, but are content with appeasing their troubled conscience by merely signing petitions. What counts is doing something concrete, whether white or black, and choosing values that cannot help but produce action, either white or black. A person can easily be a man of integrity, yet go astray by following principles that lead to black deeds. Once involved, every man's destiny depends on what he does. He becomes white, black, or gray, regardless of what color his soul originally was. As for myself, how long shall I go on being white "Beate"? Shall I someday drift into the blurred background of people who go through life blind, deaf, and dumb?

I did not stop making short trips across the Rhine in order to complete my list of executives of the Nazi police system in France and find out where they are now. Perhaps I overestimated my strength. When I was returning from one of those searches I encountered a general strike in Strasbourg, had to get out of my berth at 2 A.M., and wait for a long time in the cold for a seat in another car. I had hardly got back to Paris when I lost the baby I had been expecting for three months.

Then came, in addition to abusive telephone calls and threatening letters, an attempt on my life. We had spared our adversaries, though we could have killed them without much trouble, since we
© 1972, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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