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enable people to recognize Barbie and report his current name and address.

A few days later France-Soir told me: "Our legal staff has advised us not to run that picture, for if the man supposed to be Barbie is not he, we could get into a great deal of trouble."

One October morning, though I did not have an appointment, I went to the government anthropometric department, explaining that I needed a photograph analyzed. A guard telephoned for a woman to come and help me. My story so astonished her that she took me straight to the head of the department, who proved to be very helpful, for he knew who I was and had himself been in the Resistance.

"I can't give you more than a rather superficial study," he said, "and I can't put it in writing."

That seemed quite enough. For half an hour he scrutinized the three photographs, then, to my great relief, said: "Yes, there is every likelihood that it's the same man. Look at the ears. His earlobes are turned outward, particularly the right one, and that is unusual. The structure of the frontal bone on the left is common to all three pictures, and the folds at the corners of the mouth are absolutely identical." I wrote Ludolph a report of this analysis.

On October 12, Steiner, Ludolph's assistant, wrote me a letter in which was clearly evident a desire for technical cooperation, in that the prosecutor's office in Munich saw in the LICA's activities such energy and coordination that he thought he could get better results from it than from any other association:
As a follow-up to your telephone conversation with Prosecutor Ludolph, may I say that we would be very interested in talking with you in Munich about this case as soon as you have shown the French people the photographs that will allow them to identify the defendant….

In my opinion, the ease is so complicated that after actual efforts at identifying Barbie, we should definitely talk about procedural details. We should especially review together the steps you have taken, those the German court has taken, and perhaps even the ones taken by French authorities for penal prosecution.

I will be much obliged for your assistance in this matter. Your expenses for a flight to Munich and return will, of course, be reimbursed as well as your hotel expenses.

Perhaps you could arrange to spend enough time in Munich to give us a whole day. The date will depend upon our receipt of answers
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