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being tough enough. After Hollert's death in a bombardment in May 1944, Barbie was to become deputy to the commander of the S.D.-Security Police. Another S.S., Wilhelm Wellnitz, who now lives in Rendsburg, states that "from that time on, Barbie signed all the telegrams."

I shall not retrace here Barbie's actions against the French Resistance, for they were linked to those of the Lyon Gestapo, and Resistance veterans of the region are more qualified than I to give details. I only want to recall some of his crimes while he was posing as a "German soldier and patriot."

It seems that those who have held a grudge against Barbie for having tortured Jean Moulin to death have not been wrong. I offer as proof the following document, dated September 18, 1943, whose reference number is 1-A-16, No. 204,143, of the RSHA. The head of the S.D.-Security Police wrote:
At my suggestion, the S.S. Reichsführer [Himmler] has, in a personal letter, expressed his gratitude to:
S.S.-Hauptsturmfuhrer Heinz Hollert
S.S.-Obersturmführer Klaus Barbie
Staffelhauptscharführer Alfred Lutjens
S.S.-Hauptscharführer Karl Krull
S.S.-Staffelscharführer Günter Erlers

of the secret police Einsatzkommando for their high efficiency in the pursuit of crime and their indefatigable devotion to the battle against Resistance organizations in France.

Barbie's work was further rewarded, on November 9, 1943, by the Iron Cross, First Class, with sword.

Lastly, here is the opinion of his superiors, stated in a document dated September 14, 1944, from the RSHA, identified as 1-A-56-AS-5,796. In it S.S.-Sturmbannführer Wanninger recommends another promotion for Barbie:
Barbie is known at headquarters as an S.S. leader who knows what he wants, and is enthusiastic. He has a definite talent for intelligence work and for the pursuit of crime. His most meritorious accomplishment has been the cleaning out of numerous enemy organizations. Reichsführer S.S.-Himmler has expressed his gratitude to Barbie in a personal letter commending his pursuit of crime and his persistent efforts in suppressing Resistance organizations.

From the point of view of ideology and character, Barbie is dependable. Since his training and during his employ in the S.D., Barbie has pursued a regular career as a director of the "superior service," and,
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