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Untersturmführer Ahnert, written on September 3, 1942, and directed to S.S. Brigadeführer Oberg, through S.S. Sturmbannführer Hagen, showed him:
1. Up to and including September 2, 1942, there have been evacuated:
From the occupied zone 18,069 Jews
From the non-occupied zone 9,000 Jews
Total 27,069 Jews

2. Schedule of evacuation for September and October 1942: Three trains a week (total 25 trains) with 1,000 Jews in each.
Hence, in September and October 1942, will be evacuated 25,000 Jews
Evacuated up to September 2, 1942 27,069 Jews
Consequently, it is expected that the total by the end of October 1942 will be 52,069 Jews

Hagen kept up his close friendship with Eichmann, whom he saw in Paris in July 1942. His former deputy, Dannecker, was Eichmann's man in Paris. All the members of his former staff divided up enslaved Europe among themselves and turned it into a game preserve in which Jews were hunted from cover and chased into. extermination camps.

Oberg was the recipient of memorandums – and he acknowledged receipt of them – such as the following, dated February 27, 1942:
We are trying to purge Ostland of Jews as completely as possible, and there have been executions everywhere, but of such a nature that they have not attracted much attention. The people believe, and so do Jews who are still there, that the Jews have simply been "transferred"!

A number of examples follow, such as:
A purge of Jews is in progress in White Ruthenia. The number of Jews in the part presently under civil administration is about 139,000. Of these, 32,210 have been shot by an Einsatzgruppe of the S.D.-Security Police.

Everything addressed to Oberg passed through Hagen's hands, and so it is impossible to believe that Hagen could not have been involved in the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem that he had been preparing so fanatically for so many years.

On July 17, 1942, Hagen presided over a conference of French and German police officers on the subject of Jewish children ar […rested]
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