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The crowds were swirling around me. The tiny key in the palm of my hand felt dreadfully heavy. My first thought was to swallow it; then I figured that would be stupid. I tried to keep it in my mouth, but that was very uncomfortable. I looked for a sewer grating, but there was none near me. Clearly I had not thought of everything. To throw the key a few feet away would not do much good, for passers-by would surely see it. The only solution seemed to be to slip it under the fence around the tree and keep my foot on it.

Not until I had taken a bunch of leaflets out of my flight bag did anyone pay any attention to me.

I moved as far from the tree as my chain would permit and handed out leaflets. The passers-by slowed down and took them. In less than ten minutes I had got rid of all of them, except for one that I held against my chest so that newcomers could read it:
Citizens of Poland!

The elimination of Jews taking place in Poland right now has nothing to do with the suppression of alleged Zionist traitors, but is anti-Semitism pure and simple. The recent persecution has debased Poland and socialism in the eyes of the whole world. It is being stimulated by enemies of socialism who want to seize power through demagoguery.

Hitlerism martyred Poland, but do not forget that while millions of Polish Jews were being murdered at Auschwitz and Treblinka, the Polish people as a whole remained passive. It was only the Polish communists and leftists who made any organized resistance against that genocide. Follow their example, and demand that your government put an end to a policy that will force the last Polish Jews, among whom are many patriots and socialists, to leave their country. No fanatical Zionist, not even a Jewess, is appealing to your sense of justice, but an anti fascist-German woman.
Recipient of the Lambrakis Medal awarded
in 1969 by the World Council for Peace
in East Berlin

After I had distributed my leaflets I noticed that the traffic policeman at the intersection had gone into a telephone booth and come out again without taking his eyes off me.

Some minutes passed before two policemen got out of a jeep and grabbed my arm to make me follow them. But we could go no farther than the length of my chain. There were some good-
© 1972, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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