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organization. Its political concerns were far from compatible with my objectives, but at least I was to be reimbursed for all the trips I made for them, and that made me freer to travel.

I could see how far I had come since the OFA had fired me. Single handed, my fist my only weapon, I had taken by storm the smallest of the five West German political organizations. I could, therefore, press on toward a moral goal that might have been neglected by political forces that were by no means negligible.

My first speech in Bonn that evening certainly bore no resemblance to the kind of speeches the extreme leftists were accustomed to hearing. They must have wondered what kind of high protection I had in East Berlin if I talked there as I did to them.

"Whenever I am asked to speak, even to audiences not of the left, I appeal to ethics, for I believe in morality in politics. I believe that every German, whether of the East or the West, has inherited the good and the bad that Germany has bequeathed him. Every German has a duty to assume that honor and that liability, and I do not call him a good citizen who thinks he need not be concerned with his country's past because he was born too late . . . . We Germans have duties and moral obligations in respect to our past . . . . The task incumbent on all who want a new Germany, a peaceful Germany, and a Germany deserving of the respect of other nations, is to create a genuinely socialist state.

"In the forthcoming elections my role will be to say all over Germany, and face-to-face with Kiesinger, what healthy Germans think of him and of what he stands for. This is not going to be a battle for a certain percentage of the votes in my district, but open defiance on a national scale."

The meeting was at the full and the audience was listening attentively to the ADF president when suddenly the door flew open and in burst Arno, his pants down to his ankles, shouting at the top of his lungs: "Mama, I've got to do poopoo!" I had to leave the Congress to attend to much more urgent business.

February 20. I was off to the Congress of the National Democratic Party (NPD) of neo-Nazis in Bayreuth.

If that party were to get five percent of the votes in the coming September elections, it could win a seat in the Bundestag. The anti fascists had only one means of blocking them: compelling them to strip off the veil of respectability behind which they were trying to conceal their true nature.
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