One of the principal disseminators of Holocaust denial literature in the United States is CODOH. CODOH formerly stood for the committee for open debate on the Holocaust, but the name has been changed to the committe for open discussion of the holocaust story. This section of our website is devoted to countering the lies, misrepresentations, half truths, propaganda and antisemitism of CODOH.

The CODOH Website

CODOH has a presence on the web at Future material will address some of the features of this website.

The Newspaper Campaign

For some time CODOH has been engaging in a campaign of placing paid advertisements in college newspapers. THHP is willing to respond by placing ads of our own in such newspapers. The documents below are responses to ads placed by CODOH in college newspapers.

Dr. John Silber, Chancellor of Boston University has written an open letter addressing the libel of Elie Wiesel found in CODOH advertisements.